“…everyone loves each other, but no one really likes eachother.”

by kaleidegirl

i think maybe for the first time possibly ever, the holidays were too much for me. maybe all the drama of home buying and moving so far and into a small town again right before all the craziness of the holidays made it all so overwhelming. i think i really just want to have some time to myself. this feeling is new for me and who knows how long it will last. i noticed i was too eager for a reason to hide during parties and such. my drunken wandering was normal but just running off to hide so often, not quite so normal.

so i will stop trying so hard to be social when i very obviously can’t handle it right now.

maybe i will remember to play my violin. read more. get used to this house and this town.

other things…

i think i’ve finished my social networking reboot. goodbye sugargirl, for real.

i want to start writing letters again.

i really need to get my next bit of tattoo work done, redoing my ankh.

i’m lost.