More missing time, no fear this time only sleep.

by kaleidegirl

Surgery again. Feels like I’ve had a lot, I haven’t though I’m sure.  This makes 6 I think, not counting a couple oral surgeries. Still I know the drill and the last one was only a year and a half ago.

I’ve been stressed and tired for awhile but I had no idea how much so until I was given the pre-anesthesia med and being rolled into the OR. Whatever they gave me, they need to put that in the water, seriously. I never felt so relaxed and calm and then I remembered the actual anesthesia was next. Yes, I found myself looking forward to something that used to terrify me. I was that tired and worn out inside and hadn’t even realized it.

The missing time experience, I learned that day is only truly appreciated just as it is starting. Sooner than you expect you are awake. No dreams, no awareness, just time gone.

Now I recover. Luckily there is almost no pain. To be honest I’ve had more pain simply from having to rest and elevate my leg.

Hopefully I won’t have to wait long to at least get back to my upper body workouts.

So another day laid up. A machine hooked up keeping my knee iced and trying to stay comfortable and not eat everything I can get Chris to bring me from the kitchen when I haven’t the energy to disconnect myself.

Looking outside, I can’t complain. Better to go through this when there is no good reason to be outdoors.

I had important things to say but seems my life right now is laziness and trying not to eat ALL THE FOODS.