“Culture is perishing in overproduction, in an avalanche of words, in the madness of quantity.”

by kaleidegirl

I’m often saddened by the world we all live in.

Today I found myself in a mix of furious, confused and bewildered.

Why have we not learned? Why have we not evolved?

Not even 100 years ago people believed owning human beings was not only acceptable but the natural order.  One man managed to inspire genocide. Women had to fight for equal rights. So many other atrocities of society existed and I’m sure many still do.

When most people think about these things now, people who were not around to really see these things happen, we are HORRIFIED, ASHAMED, and APPALLED that these things could possibly happen.

Well guess what?

Now, in our lifetimes, and the times our children are growing up in, we are allowing things to happen that will be viewed in 100 years the way we view slavery, the holocaust and women’s suffrage and all past and current atrocities happening everywhere.

Am I just being naive?

“Only the most naive of questions are truly serious.”

It really seems like we should have learned.

It is so sad that people who love each other have to fight for the right to be married, be parents, be a family, pretty much because of one religion assuming the whole world should live as they do. Politicians are making obscene amounts of money off of the backs of the poor who probably didn’t even vote for them. Measles is back because “celebrities” have more influence than experience and education. The elderly are treated like criminals while criminals are treated as the elderly should be. I could go on and on and still not be able to list all of the horrible things we are not just letting happen but making happen.

I’m just fairly disgusted with the world at the moment. Also a bit annoyed in the knowledge that it will likely only get worse.