we all have our own crazy, the trick is finding someone who likes the taste of yours or at least doesn’t puke it up

by kaleidegirl

It has been a strange day. Oh, who the hell am I kidding, all my days are strange. Today was strange in a good way though, better than usual, not that things like “usual” exist here in my world. It was nice to see my daughter and I hope Tlee really does color me a picture. We didn’t see Skye at the beaners but we did see Amelia and all of the things I wish I could buy at the hot topic.

and then! motorcycle ride with Jim and his loverly wife Mary. The fairly sharp curve to get on the expressway was a lot like a ride at cedar point and going fast after that…you find yourself having little zen moments, in between the moments you are sure you are going to crash or fall off, which happen in between the moments you realize you are probably holding on too tight. I love it. I really do. It is my favorite form of therapy…oh shit therapy! I have to see that wackado!

I started this last night but I was too tired to finish when the husband got up to go to bed. So I got up and went to bed.

Just barely 9 am and the strange is holding on. The bitterness is increasing.  There has just been a huge development in, well my life but not just mine. I’ve known for so long. Well I knew something, it just didn’t have a name for so long. There is some extra guilt looming over me but if we’re keeping score, I won years ago so I’m trying to just move forward and try not to let it all crash and burn. Here’s hoping.

Time to clean and workout and see where today is going…