Have you tried turning off and back on again?

by kaleidegirl

I would like to be “restarted” so to speak.

I’ve spent a few hours doing at least one thing to feel newer, shinier, less cluttered really is what I wanted. We shall see.

I had too much fun at the boat party. Interesting conversations, inside jokes, silly faces, and being bounced from one laughing friend to the next and losing all care while leaving my favorite heels by the exit of the boat because who has time for heels when memories are being made. (they were not accidentally swallowed by the putrid Grand River)

it is raining now though and my soul demands that i go out and feel it on my skin.

I don’t even fucking care anymore what anyone thinks of me. I’ve got better things to do than fuss about fretting if I’m breaking all those eggshells and having my own personality.

heaven for fucking bid.

I do love large parties, they can be so intimate. it is true.