so i had an entertaining, interesting, full of stuff week

by kaleidegirl

my entertainment this week came in the form of a quite hilarious yet informative conversation with one of my best girls. she lives in Chicago and has been super stoked about RIOTFEST for weeks now. friday morning we chatted on the phone and at one point she explained her itinerary and master plan for this awesome weekend ahead of her.

i will just share some cliff notes, mostly not to bore you and i forgot the deets. first and foremost while detailing the first day, friday, that day, she got to the end and casually said she would not drink and was going to go straight home and sleep to be up early on saturday.

my laughter probably started before she could finish her sentence. and i laughed, and laughed and told her to hold on while laughing some more trying to hold the phone away and not hurt her ears and for the first time ever learned the true meaning of ROFL. i laughed some more. i haven’t laughed like that in so long i don’t even remember. if you know the person i’m talking about, you know why i laughed and laughed and laughed.

ROFL is now an acronym i shall add permanently to my internet vocabulary.

so the rest of my cliff notes cannot beat that so i will sum up. her: “so after gwar i’m gonna go get water and potty, then…” me: “do you realize you just said gwar and potty in the same sentence?” for some this reason this cracked me up only slightly more than when we had the same exchange but substituting pussy riot for gwar a few minutes later. i swear she said potty like 15 times. this hard core skater girl all geeked to see gwar kept saying potty. priceless. i love this girl. really.


so that was friday. the days leading up were full of shenanigans with my sister…oh lol she cracks me up, and goofing off with the baby Miles. also, random yet very amusing convos via phone and fb. it would seem my current medication roller coaster ride made me temporarily hilarious.

then saturday. oh saturday.

what a beautiful day.

another of my best girls had a great event she has been looking forward to. she got married. it was a tad clumsy but i think that made it even more perfect. my husband was the officiant and i played maid of honor and photographer and videographer. i gave the best man the wrong ring, the bride put the ring on the wrong hand, maybe he gave her that hand in all the stumbling, i was too busy trying to take pics and not cry. her super adorable dog joined in, sitting at their feet just looking up at them and the girls were adorable and full of happy and spunk. the groom had champagne for the first time. i gave my first toast ever, i hope it was ok, i know i sounded like a drunk at least a little bit but i swear i wasn’t, not even close. i was not prepared. we ate pizza and laughed and joked and it was just a beautiful perfect, simple, happy day. in the 10+ years i have known the groom, i had never seen him even close to how happy he was that day. seriously. it melted my heart for both of them. my man and i, we love the pomp and presentation but we can still appreciate the simplicity of raw and honest love.

aside from all that….

my wonderful husband ordered me new dread extensions. a couple few years ago he fessed up that he didn’t like the long black ones i had so i gave them away. kind of like when 10 years ago he said he didn’t like my nipple rings so i took them out. two things that still really bug me, the second at least made more sense and the result was beneficial to my happiness. there is still the matter of him not wanting me to get anymore tattoos. this vexes me deeply. i aim to please but i have my limits. also, it isn’t like i have these huge pieces waiting to be inked, i don’t do huge or sleeves and such. my biggest piece is on my back and it is still not that big. i digress (the tattoo thing kind of gets my dander up). dreads, soon. it seems he gets tired of me “whining”. i didn’t realize he saw all of my “whining” but i guess he did and yeah, i’m ok with that. i hope to not be so “whiny” in the future. (apparently mentioning something is considered “whining”) custom ordered to go with both of what i plan to be my main hair colors for the foreseeable future. read that again. “plan”. no promises, no definites. plan.

also, in light of having dread extensions soon i have figured out a Halloween costume more suited to such an abundance of hair. it is so uber traditional but i am still so excited. i also have things figured out for Halloween night and I am very much looking forward to passing out candy. i have NEVER done this. i have always been tricktreating or more recently at home in an apartment bored nearly to tears. i used to tell everyone, especially Mary, that i would be out tricktreating with her until she gave me grandkids to take. i never even considered she would *gasp* not take me or *GASP* not go tricktreating!!! please say it ain’t so!!!


i will likely say that a lot until people stop talking about last night’s show in fucking CHICAGO!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!

in other news, i have fantastic friends.

this is for Carolyn



i suppose until my memory happens, that is it.