by kaleidegirl

my FB posts are blog length lately so here i am again.

for those playing along at home….saw my dr yesterday. (he’s fucking AWESOME) i went in with a list because “copays” and i always walk out going “fuck i totally forgot to ask about this really important thing”.

i thought i had an ear infection but he says my ears look great, so if i do it is the kind they can’t see the usual way. my ears got a lot better when i started using a q-tip to get peroxide in them so who the fuck knows.

my chest pain. finally have a real kind of explanation for what it most likely is with several forms of treatment all in one visit. he had me lie on my stomach and checked out my ribs and spine. right away he felt ribs sort of outta place and all of a sudden he pushed real hard and my back sounded like fuckin rice krispies. he did this several times and though it was a bit terrifying it also felt kind of fucking awesome. seems my ribs were all jacked up causing pain all around but also inflammation in the cartilage where my ribs and sternum meet. (which is what costochondritis is) my heart and lungs are fine and clear…who’d have thought.

i got a pain shot from a sadistic yet cheerful nurse named Joy and that plus actual pain meds that work should help any pains i have. it seems my back pain, chest pain and even my hand pain are likely all related but not in any sure way any of it can be permanently fixed. so when i still don’t have a real job years from now, this is probably going to be the bigger cause over my extensive crazy.

i think that’s it on the OMG health front.

some amusing moments during my appt because my dr is awesome and hilarious…

i took my glasses off so i could lie more comfortably on my stomach for the rice krispies action. it takes a full minute or more to convince my dr to stop holding them hostage after i can sit up again. he thought he was just so funny. (he was)

he leaves, telling me Joy will be in to give me a shot. i realize i forgot to put things on my list, did i mention i had to write a list? so i go to the doorway and he is at the like nurses station i guess, the same place he always is when i come in or leave. i  “pssst” at him a couple times and apologetically explain i forgot stuff and ask if he is coming back in before i go, he says yes but walks over saying, “ok what did you forget, lets just take a look now”

he asks what i have for pain management. i say nothing, because well, nothing works. dead serious. i only take motrin type stuff for the anti-inflammatory benefits. (oddly Pamprin often takes care of hangover headaches if they aren’t so bad i want to just cut my head off) if it isn’t a controlled substance it won’t touch my pain and even then i need more than the usual dose. so he says he’s gonna give me vicodin. i’m like great. i take a chance. Me: so um, would it be terrible of me and make me look all “drug seeking” (yes, i did air quotes) if i told you i always have to double up on the low dosage or else it does next to nothing? Dr.: ::laughs:: no not at all! Me: oh yeah, i read somewhere that redheads are resistant to pain meds and such and i’m fairly ginger so maybe that is why nothing really helps. Dr: oh well i will give you the HIGHEST dose!!! ::hahahahahaha::


really?? who goes to the dr and actually laughs so much. never had a good dr before, esp one who was friendly and shit. fuckin weird but i’ll take it. he knows his stuff and i have a lot of stuff because all my past drs must have online degrees they just paid shipping for or some shit.


i am sure i had all kinds of other funny or boring or whatever stuff to blog about but just getting all this out minus the venomous feelings brought on almost 2 hrs ago has been hard enough.

if every minute of your life has to be planned to the minute and every little thing has to be turned into big things to accommodate your need for control instead of just oh i don’t know, saying “no and its just because i don’t want to”….well maybe you should rethink speaking to me until you grow a personality and i can tolerate you without frequently wanting to spontaneously slap you in the face…with a brick. speaking of…this might do the trick as well, you remind me of this quite often…

i cannot believe i spelled it perfectly, not just close enough that youtube figured it out….