buy the ticket, take the ride…i don’t like this particular ride…

by kaleidegirl

it has been a long time since i’ve been on the medication roller coaster.

not sleeping well, like worse than just not sleeping. headaches. anxiety. chest pain. nausea. no appetite or all of the appetite. stuff and things that generally suck a lot.

these are things that are happening because the old med is gone but the new one hasn’t had a chance to actually do its thing.

this isn’t a good time to be doing this but it is the best time financially. also, if this new med works well it should be doing its thing in time for me to not ruin the holidays for anyone.

in a few hours or so i leave to meet Kayla and we are headed to Chicago. it isn’t so much a social visit as it is a trip to help one of our best girls. of course it will be a blast. as i’ve said before, it is unpossible to hang out with Sarah and not have fun.

i’m uploading the last of the music i felt like digging up. should be plenty to keep us singing like silly girls on the trip.

time to see about my xmas shopping and then fix my face. the last two days it feels like its soaked in cooking oil or something. its gross. nothing has worked yet. i know i have kinda oily skin but this is horrible.

on with my week.