by kaleidegirl

i gave myself the first day of the year to get my bad habits and eating out of my system, mostly due to my knee pain keeping me a bit more sedentary than usual.

now it is the third day of the year.

yesterday i had a decent healthy dinner then some monster cookies, then a pint of banana split ben a jerry’s. the whole pint. haven’t done any crunches or put on my corset once yet. haven’t read or written anything until this blog. about to have a cup of coffee with sweet cream creamer and a cinnamon roll or two.

i fail at this year so far. plan to step up my game STAT. ‘tomorrow i will run faster’

i’ve been looking into something but i’m afraid to bring it up to my husband. simply because i hate hearing him be angry or annoyed with me, which is a 50/50 thing. he seems to get easily annoyed or angry with me when i have what he thinks are “bad ideas”. don’t i have a resolution related to this??

fuck it. i can’t do this thing on my own for sure and it has become clear it needs to happen. it keeps coming up.

oh yeah, do what i want. this also applies to not settling.

better get to it and get it over with.