“i drove all night…”

by kaleidegirl

i might not publish this blog, it depends on how the day turns out.

maybe some of you know that i’ve been trying to get into a better car than the hobbit hearse (PT Cruiser) that i have been driving, you might even know so much that you are sick of hearing about another possible “lead”.

for the record, i love my hobbit hearse. i also hate it.

i was grossly overcharged, gas mileage is shit and i’ve been feeling very unsafe on the roads this year. i did a lot of research before i went to drive it because i knew next to no one had anything good to say about them. all my research said this adorable car was a good fit for me. that just ended up being a “omg i need a fucking car i’m going stir crazy, this one is super cute and the internet said good things about it” situation.

today though, i may be rid of that dead weight car and driving a shiny nearly new (2010) Ford Focus. due to so many dealers wasting time, mine and theirs, i haven’t gone in and seen the actual car yet. i have obviously looked it up online, done even more extensive research, looked at how many records it had on carfax (that is the only info you usually get unless you pay), made mental notes of what i want it to have and keep reminding myself not to settle if i go see this car and it isn’t absolutely what i want to drive for the next 4-6 years. its silver with black interior and might even have a usb port for playing my music from a flash drive. (it was hard to be sure which pictures were def the car i’m looking into) so it has that going for it and i will be test driving it on not ideal roads which seems to me the best way to know if i will feel safe driving it in the winter.

i’m already approved for financing. payments are slightly higher due to the negative equity but the price of the car is lower than some of other places but mostly the average price for it these days so i feel it must be close to what it is worth paying. basically i’m waiting for it to be finished getting detailed (they JUST got it in) and then i need to drive it and if i LOVE it i just sign the papers and i’m off. if i don’t love it and they don’t have anything else that fits the bill that i love then i will continue to drive my hobbit hearse until i can get to a place where i can roll the neg equity into a new car lease. when you only drive about 6,000 miles a year, leasing seems a good deal.

i’ve never had a car less than 5 years old, i’m not sure i’ve ever had one less than 10 years old until the cruiser. the husband has but i haven’t. this is exciting.

that is why i’m awake at apocalypse AM. i’m in an upswing and that means sleep is hard to get when i’m excited about something.

i really didn’t expect this to work out and i really hope this car is as great as i want it to be. i also hope there are no hidden bumps in the road to getting it.

so i was going to save this and post it if all went well but fuck it.

wish me luck eh?