climbing out of my sick nest

by kaleidegirl

i’ve been sick all week with pneumonia. i thought i just had a bad cough but then all i did was sleep and feel sicker. the husband sent me off to the doctor ’cause i’m not one to get this sick ever really. i often don’t even catch all the sick he brings home from work. i was somewhat productive yesterday. i really had to get my clean clothes out of the dryer and such.

i am having my first cup of coffee today after drinking thera flu tea all week instead. i actually woke up kind of able to breathe. oh i got a nice painful shot of super antibiotic, oral antibiotic and cough syrup with codeine to kick this thing. still sneezing and coughing but i intend to be more human today. according to the dr’s office scale i was still losing weight as of Tuesday but i actually ate food like a normal person yesterday and didn’t work out. i’ll be happy as long as i’m not back to square one. yes i know i should be more concerned with getting better and i am. it is just nice to know that all my hard work the past month hasn’t been for nothing. i was on the road to a full scale lifestyle change that was creating results and not hard to stick to. of course i am just now climbing out of a nest on the couch from being so super sick.

one thing after another. i spent last week down with a bum knee which still feels tender where it was most painful. then i limped sluggishly at times through a fun girls weekend only to fall prey to fucking sick sick sick. i know i haven’t been as grumpy as some get when sick but i hope i haven’t been too whiny either. though i’d rather be a little annoying than bringing people down or hurting their feelings just ’cause i feel like crap.

i felt really bad not being able to help friends out, take my girl driving or even being up for talking on the phone at times. i’m lucky though to have such stellar people in my life. i think they probably forgive me.

my big concern for the week was not having to cancel my appt for ink on Saturday. it looks like if i take it easy i won’t have to. i plan to ease back into my routine as the sick takes its leave. i’m way behind around the house but i will take my time and only do what i can. i’ve been due for new ink for months and months, since a month after my last bit basically. i could easily get a tattoo every 2 months if money allowed and with the stuff i get it would still take a long time to look like i was getting that much done.

so i’m getting better but pneumonia is no joke so i am also still taking it easy.

i am also getting pretty excited about my birthday. 80’s themed, karaoke machine and fancy disco ball type light purchased and i even have my full Madonna get up figured out. well mostly.

so crawling out of my sick nest. hope to be up and raising hell for real soon.