too much too much

by kaleidegirl

this post is here for anyone i am following that has blogged in the last couple weeks or so.

i was in hospital for a week due a flare up of my lung disease. i am sure i had plenty of time but it was a busy stressful stay most of the time and when i did feel i could get out my laptop for awhile i was just too overwhelmed by all the posts in my inbox. i wanted to read them but i just can’t catch up without the list growing everyday still overwhelming me. i was already struggling to keep up despite the fact that i was very interested and curious and wanted to blog myself.

i had to delete all of my subscription emails which are 99.99% blogs. i know you will understand and probably think i am silly for posting this but i feel like i have been distanced from all of you just as much as the people i normally interact with regularly on FB.

if you or some wwe both follow posted something i may have deleted that you think i should make the time for please link it in the comments of this post and i will read at least one of them everyday. i want to know how you are and soak up the knowledge and humor you share here.

i'm here