there is reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last

by kaleidegirl

time for the obligatory end of the year blog post.

we all know 2016 was an awful year. so many wonderful, talented and beautiful people were taken from us. not just famous people, here in my world, two of those people were a big part of my life.

the coming year just has to be better but then there is the Trump situation. many people are sure that in 2017, things will just continue to suck. that is very possible but i am holding onto some hope for a better year.

in addition to all of the death and tragedy of 2016 it will always be the year that my illness progressed to the point of needing a lung transplant. up until May it was believed that this kind of talk was a long ways off. here i am, 15 months after being diagnosed, on the list for a transplant. i was supposed to have a lot more time before getting to this point. it is what it is.

i have resolutions.

i have hopes.