“End the Diagnosis Era”

by kaleidegirl

this woman is an insanely talented writer. i’m trying to boost this post because i think it is a very important perspective and could really benefit so many people struggling on a day to day basis with mental illness and the consequences of medication.


Kayla's Welfare

Is it introvert vs. extrovert, or empath vs. narcissist?

Are you depressed, or does the oversaturation of tragedy you are exposed to every day of your life make you overwhelmed with sadness because you have a heart?

Do you have anxiety, or do you get so nervous you freak out because things get potentially weird quickly?

Are you paranoid, or are are you aware of the fact that you live in a dangerous world and you should always be alert to protecting yourself; especially if you are a female?

I rarely hear a person say, “This is my weakness. I have to try harder than most others to do this.”

I mostly hear, “I have/am (insert label or diagnosis here). I can’t do that.”

Will I make my daughter with Cerebral Palsy in her legs join a kickball team? No, that would be ludicrous. But will I ever tell her…

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