so just pull on your face, just pull on your feet

by kaleidegirl

my first make up review post. because recently i have gotten very into make up. i’ve been having a lot of fun with it, getting better at certain aspects and learning a lot of new things. it has basically become a new hobby so i have started really expanding my arsenal of make up.

i know today is a dark day for all of us and i want to recognize that but i also need to not think about it because it quite literally makes me cry. so i’m doing this.

today is eye shadow.

for awhile now i have been using Urban Decay ‘BLACKOUT’. i love it. very pigmented which i found hard to find in a black shadow. it has been my go to ever since i found it. up until recently i always did a very basic smokey eye kind of look and this shadow works great for that. my second favorite is also Urban Decay. it is part of their ‘Moondust” line and it is ‘MOONSPOON”. a basic silver glittery shade. it can be subtle or more dramatic the more you layer it. i had high hopes for this due to knowing the high quality Urban Decay offers and it definitely delivers. the first glitter shadow i tried was Wet n Wild ColorIcon in ‘SPIKED’ and it was sticky and i had to really layer and layer to get the desired effect and honestly never really did. it is just so sticky that most of it stays on the brush. the last Urban Decay shadow i have was given to me by a friend who somehow magically for no known reason receives make up samples constantly. it is a neutral somewhat shimmery shade. i found it works well for blending when you want a more natural blend. it looks like it could be one of the shades in their Naked palettes.



its not a great pic but this is what i did yesterday with the above shades. the lips were tricky and not as good as i had hoped. the black lipstick i used was ‘elf’ and i love ‘elf’ as much as the next girl but this black was just awful. think Halloween store even broke while i was using it and i had only used it a couple times. i wanted a glittery black lip so i used a small brush and gently applied the UD ‘MOONSPOON’ and it worked OK. i plan to try again with better quality black lipstick. i’ll be doing a lipstick review post soon. also glitters or as my bestie calls it, “stripper dust”. i’m awaiting more hardcore glitters. the UD ‘moonspoon’ is just not as obnoxious as i’m wanting.


the next two were purchased at based on a review video on YouTube about surprisingly good quality make up for cheap and i was not disappointed. i got an eye shadow palette and 2 individual shadows. the palette is made by BeautyTreats and has an equal amount of natural shades and bright colors.  i’ve only gotten into it once but the two colors i used were great. i did a pink sparkly look and the pink went on great. well pigmented, looked just as expected. the individual shadows i got were made by City Color. one is a shimmery deep grey called ‘Oh so Naughty’. i LOVE this stuff and sadly i accidentally dropped it today but i’m hoping i can still get full use of it. anyway. it is a real smooth multi faceted shimmery shadow. i’ve used it alone and with black for a shimmery smokey eye. the other City Color shade i got was a more matte shade called ‘Girls Night’. its a sort of rosy color and looks nice for a subtle splash of color. i definitely recommend trying out City Colors for in expensive high quality shadow. i don’t seem to have any pics of these. i need to find a better way to get good pics of my eye shadow fun.


the most daring shade i have ever worn is the Manic Panic ‘VAMPIRE RED’. my husband got me this off my amazonwishlist and until i used it i had no idea how much i truly needed this in my life. i don’t know how often i will be bold enough to wear it. i might get hooked on it as i perfect using it. it goes on smoothly and is nice a deep red just like you would hope upon seeing it. the packaging is cute too.



again, not a great pic. i’m working on it, i promise.

the last shadow is a small smokey eye palette with the best name ever. its another Wet n Wild Coloricon called ‘Don’t Steal My Thunder’. for the price it works pretty well. i mostly used it for the white and silver. the black, like so many, is just not dark enough.


so there you go. my little opinion on these make ups i have. my husband is the awesome guy that bought all of these for me. i think he likes it when i find something to do with myself. also, he just spoils me in general. i do my best to not take his awesomeness for granted. that poor guy listens to me ramble about make up like a champ!

what do you use? what are your faves? please share!