turn around bright eyes

by kaleidegirl


a shorter post because i didn’t try as hard to find good mascara like i did with lipstick.

Cover Girl

“Super Sizer Fiber” mascara was interesting because it actually deposits fibers on to your lashes. i basically failed at application of this product or its just a clumpy awful mess all on its own. i was curious about this because i don’t have much lash to get excited about. i hope this would create the illusion of false lashes. nope. just a mess. might have potential.



this is one my husband got me for xmas last year. i think i showed interest in it at some point and he remembered. he’s great like that. he can shop for me better than i can for him. he just somehow remembers every little thing i look twice at. so. this stuff is purposely clumpy to create that bold anime look. it was fun at first but just not for me. so if you like that look this might be for you. it really does do what it claims. i can’t remember if i had issues with smudging or anything like that. i mean its meant to be a bit clumpy and such. let me know if you try this out and what you think.



this was my go to for awhile. just a nice basic mascara. i never really layered it enough. it was my favorite until i found my real favorite. i don’t have a link for this. either i have the brand wrong or it isn’t available anymore. i know, this review is kind of a fail. all apologies.

Urban Decay

my tried and true when it comes to the eyes. “Perversion” is my favorite everything by Urban Decay. this mascara is love! i layer the fuck out of it and it doesn’t clump or smear or smudge and when i’m done i actually have lashes!! OMG! it is glorious. this mascara/eyeliner duo is what i got for xmas this year because i whined that my travel size mascara would someday be gone and i was rationing it. it is very worth the money because as i will explain in my next post, this felt tip liner is totes awesome.


what is your favorite mascara? have you tried these? got something even better than my beloved UD ‘Perversion’