news on the radio happy birthday, happy birthday

by kaleidegirl

so yesterday was my birthday. i’m 40 now. i know some lament this milestone event. i know i used to. however; every birthday is a victory now, especially this one. i had a really great day. a great weekend. my husband made a wonderful steak dinner and we had some wine and watched some music dvd’s like we used to back before we had a big fun basement with a pool table. it was pretty nice. like going on a picnic instead of a fancy restaurant. (that comes later in this post)  i got a call from my best friend singing my favorite birthday song, the song she posts on my FB page every year on my birthday. it was pure love. i slept in on my birthday and then went with my husband to pick up the adorable little birthday cake he had made.

*have you ever seen such an adorable fucking cake?*


i had some cake for lunch. breaking lent and totally blowing off my diet. it was a lovely little indulgence. later on i got fancied up as fuck for a nice dinner at this awesome hibachi grill. lots of my favorite people were there and it was tons of fun. i didn’t anticipate the element of danger in going to a place like that with a huge tank of oxygen but all is well and i didn’t blow up the place.





*a fucking ice cream sundae in a pineapple boat*


i do wish i had been able to get around and talk to people more and i wish my daughter could have gone. not just because i wanna see my girl all the time but i know she would have loved it. i told her she needs to go sometime.

i got some real nice gifts. i was told which pet they were each from. surprisingly my husbands cat Bellatrix got me a very nice fire opal claddagh ring. she never used to like me very much but she seems to be warming up to me finally. its been nearly 9 years we’ve had her. i also got a balloon which Siobhan was terrified of which amused the fuck out of us. there is video. its adorably hilarious.

*my claddagh stacks nicely with my mother’s ring*



i had more cake after i recovered from all of the awesome food at Ukai. the frosting was a bit too much so i just kind of dug under the frosting for the actual cake.

*cake for one*


i then treated myself to a full nights sleep and i’m back to my diet and my yoga and lent today.

i’m 40.

and that’s ok